Update for Fall Re-opening – Commuter Students

July 23, 2020

Registrar’s Office

      FAQ’s #2 Update  for Fall 2020 Re-opening –
Commuter Students

Where will classes meet?

Classes are scheduled in either the main CPL building or the Saint Anthony Center (SAC). Every attempt has been made to schedule classes in the largest rooms in order to make social distancing possible. The Saint Anthony Center (SAC) is on the east side of the campus adjacent to the large parking lot. (This includes the MA, DMin, and Continuing Education classes.) The Saint Anthony Center is the building with the long green awning.  The building has been renovated and prepared for classroom use and has necessary Internet access and technology equipment available. If you are registered, the room assignment is indicated on your course profile in Populi. Sufficient signage will make it easy to find the various rooms. The Saint Anthony Center has the convenience of an elevator between the lower level and the two upper levels of the building.  Classrooms have been assigned according to the number of registered students to allow for social distancing.

Some classes will be scheduled for a large classroom in the main CPL building. Commuter students in these classes will enter by way of the main CPL lobby and complete a self-health assessment before gaining entrance to the library or classrooms. Please do not arrive more than 30 minutes before your class and leave promptly when the class is over. Commuter students are to go directly to their assigned classroom. (You may use restrooms either in the main entrance or nearest to your classroom.)

If commuter students need to contact other members of the administration or faculty, please call their office phone or e-mail them.  Do not go to any other part of the building. Staff and faculty will respond via phone or email, or, if necessary, give you directions to meet in-person.

PLEASE…if you are ill or have been exposed to the COVID-19 virus, stay home and contact your instructor.

Can I use the Library?

Yes. Library procedures will be forthcoming. If you are scheduled for class in the SAC, you must come around to the main CPL entrance, do the health self-assessment, and go directly to the library.

Where should I park?

Parking for all commuter students will be in the east parking lot, unless the student has class in the CPL building and may park in the front of the building.

How will I access the SAC building?

Commuter students will be issued a key fob which is scanned for the SAC entrance. The key fob is set for the time period for which you are registered for class.

Will I have to sign in at the front desk?

No. Only registered students will have access to the CPL and SAC. Instructors will be keeping attendance logs. The receptionist at the CPL front desk will have class rosters and will also be aware of who is in the building.

What about masks and social distancing?

Masks are expected in all common areas especially where physical distancing is not possible.  However, during the class instructors may remove their masks if they deem it necessary to allow for clear communication. Large plexiglass barriers have been obtained for the instructor’s desk. Much of language transmission takes place through both auditory sounds as well as visual facial cues. Please be prudent and considerate of others.  Classes are scheduled in large classrooms to allow for social distancing. Thank you for your cooperation.  Disinfecting materials are available in each room, and students and instructors are responsible for wiping down all surfaces before they leave the room.

Why not another semester of remote learning?

Saint Mary Seminary is not accredited for distance learning, and the experience of the last weeks of the spring semester was not as fulfilling as everyone had hoped. As Father Latcovich says so well in his previous letter, as a formational learning community, the face-to-face encounter is the ideal.  That is what we aim for through our safe in-person classes.  At this time there will be no individual exceptions or hybrid classes. If you are unable to be present on campus, you are encouraged to take a semester off, or to find a comparable course at another accredited Catholic graduate program, e.g. Catholic Distance University, etc. Please, however, check with Sister Brendon to be sure that the course will count toward your MA program.

If we have class in the SAC, can we go over to the main CPL building for beverages.

No.  There is no beverage service. Students should bring their own coffee or other beverages and snacks if they wish.  Please do not bring food to share.

Can commuter students go to the main building to Chapel or the Dining Room?

No. The restrictions this semester have been made to ensure your safety and the safety of the seminarians in residence. Thank you for your understanding.

If I have time between classes, where can I wait? 

A room will be designated at the SAC building as a “waiting room” for students who have a period of time between classes. Information will be coming.

The campus will be shut down from July 25 through August 9th, how will that affect access to the Library?

There is no access to the Library or any other building on the campus during this electrical shutdown. The Library database will be off-line. There will also be an electrical shutdown from October 15 to October18 during the Fall break.  Please plan ahead!

Will we receive a calendar of attendance days?

Classes begin the week of August 17th with classes meeting on the scheduled day of that week, e.g. Monday classes on the 17th, Tuesday classes on the 18th, etc. Classes will be held on Labor Day, September 7. If you cannot be present, discuss this with your instructor. Fall break for commuter students will begin at noon on Thursday October 15 and will continue through October 18. (Seminarians will have their retreat during Fall break.)  On-campus classes will end after classes on Tuesday, November 24th. Following the Thanksgiving break, Instructors will give directions for the final week of the semester; e.g. One or two Zoom classes, or final exams, completion of projects and papers, etc. The Fall 2020 semester officially ends on December 11, 2020.  The beginning of the Spring semester is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, January 19th. Stay tuned!)

What about DMin socials and dinners?

Because of restricted access to the CPL campus, the DMin socials and dinners have been cancelled for the Fall semester.  The Project Forum I, II, and III will meet at a new time: 4:00 p.m.  See dates below.


Booklists should be available on the course profile on Populi, in early July. Once you have registered, you will be added to the roster and you will have access to course information as the instructor makes it available.

Finally, please be alert to additional communications from Saint Mary Seminary. We are making every effort to make the Fall semester a time of learning, community, formation, and Faith. Thank you for being part of our learning community! –Sister Brendon

Fall Semester – 2020

COMMUTER STUDENTS – Calendar as of July 23, 2020

Monday, August 17:                    Classes begin.

Monday, September 7                 Labor day – CLASSES MEET.

Wednesday, September 16:       DMin 4:00  Project Forum I, II, and III (all at SAC)

Wednesday, October 14              DMin 4:00 p.m. Project Forum I, II, and III (all at SAC)

Thursday, October 15                  Fall break begins at NOON for commuter students. ***Note: there is a campus-wide electrical shutdown during most of the Fall Break.

Monday, October 19                    Classes resume.

Wednesday, November 11          DMin 4:00 Project Forum I, II, and III (all at SAC)

Tuesday, November 24               Last on-campus class day.

Week of November 30 and December 7:  Exams, Papers, Projects, etc. (remote connections, if necessary)

Friday, December 11                    Last day of the Fall semester.

Christmas recess begins

Spring 20201 Semester (tentative)

Tuesday, January 19                    Classes begin.