Theology (M.Div.)

“…the study of theology must be an initiation into a lifelong study of the truths of faith.  If the priest is to be a teacher, he must first be a student who continuously pursues an inderstanding of the faith to which he commits himself and invites his people.”
(PPF #163)

Master of Divinity Program

The Master of Divinity (M.Div.) program is the basic program of graduate professional education. The basic sequence of 113 semester hours is organized into 5 general areas: Biblical Studies, Historical Studies, Systematic Theology, Pastoral Theology, and Liturgical/Sacramental Theology. The course sequence is so arranged that there is a progression from the sources of revelation to a systematic understanding and application of principles to the mission of the Church as required in parochial ministry.

The program is professional in orientation, yet truly academic in that it demands extensive integrative study and the adequate use of research methods. The student is prepared to carry out ministry in a creative and responsible fashion.

The Master of Divinity degree is the normative degree to prepare men for ordained ministry and for general pastoral and religious leadership responsibilities in congregations and other settings, following guidelines of the Association of Theological Schools. The Master of Divinity Program incorporates the components from The Program for Priestly Formation.


The Curriculum


  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent
  • 12 semester hours of religious studies
  • ATS Statement or Preparation for Seminary Studies
  • Test scores from Graduate Record Exam (GRE)
  • 36 semester hours of philosophy
Sacred Scripture Hours 18 Liturgical Theology Hours 8
Biblical Hermeneutics 2 Oral Interpretation & Proclamation 1
Hebrew Scriptures Liturgy and the Art of Ritual 2
Pentateuch & Historical Books 3 Introduction to Liturgical Preaching 2
Prophetic Literature 2 Preaching in the Parish; Internship Year 0
Psalms and Wisdom 2 Liturgical Preaching in a Pastoral Setting 1
Christian Scriptures Basic Music Skills 0
Synoptic Gospels & Acts 3 Liturgical Leadership 1
Pauline Literature & Catholic Epistles 2
Johannine Literature 2 Pastoral Theology Hours 32
Scripture Area Elective 2
Pastoral Theology Hours 18
Ecclesiastical History Hours 10 Pastoral Counseling 3
Church History I 3 Pastoral Skills for Parish Ministry 2
Church History II 3 Introduction to Christian Spirituality 3
Area Electives 4 Seminar on Spiritual Direction 2
Evangelization and Catechesis 2
Systematic Theology Hours 25 Canon Law I 3
Fundamental Theology 3 Canon Law II 3
God: One and Three 2
Christology 3
Christian Anthropolgy 3 Field Education Hours 14
Ecclesiology 2 F.E. Parish Ministry Practicum 2
Fundamental Moral Theology 3 F.E. Pastoral Care of the Sick 1
Christian Sexuality 2 F.E. Catechesis & Evangelization Practicum 1
Catholics, Social Justice, the Moral Life 3 F.E. Internship at the Parish 6
Bioethics 2 F.E. Social Ministries 2
Mary and the Saints 2 F.E. Marriage Practicum 1
F.E. Parish Liturgical Practicum (diaconate) 1
Liturgical & Sacramental Theology Hours 22
Sacramental Theology Hours 14 Elective Hours (general) 6
Liturgical/Sacramental Theology 3 Total Hours: 113 Semester Hours
Baptism & Confirmation 2 Total Required Courses: 101 Semester Hours
Eucharist 3 Total Electives: 12 Semester Hours
Marriage and Holy Orders 3 (6 hours –  area electives; 6 hours –  general electives)
Penance & Anointing (with practicum) 3 Degree Capstone: Integration Seminar