New Initiatives

President-Rector, Father Mark Latcovich, outlines the mobile technology initiative underway at Saint Mary Seminary.  The Program for Priestly Formation (5th ed.) states that “contemporary pedagogical methods that incorporate technological advances should be encouraged (#234), and the seminary has begun a concerted effort to use technology in its teaching and learning.  Last semester, faculty and seminarians received iPads as part of a gift from the Bishop’s Brunch Fund to bring academic life into mobile life. We also have updated bandwidth and made the entire seminary wireless.  This permits the seminarians, lay students, and permanent deacon candidates to access technology throughout the entire campus.  We would like to see this initiative as our response to the late Pope John Paul II’s call for the new evangelization that requires “new ardor…new expressions…new methods” in the digital world of the 21st century.  [To read Father Latcovich’s entire message click here.]