MA student on mission of the heart to Kasese, Uganda

Albert Vondra, a graduate student in the Master of Arts (Theology) degree program, is on a 3-month mission immersion in Uganda. Al left everything behind, took his faith, his financial and legal background, and began a journey not only to Kasese, Uganda, but a journey of the heart.  In his words:

My experiences volunteering with Migration and Refugee Services have been life changing, at a time in human history, when immigration is one of the world’s major challenges and debates. I have felt a call to compassion and to ‘suffer with’ and participate. With the help of former missionaries at MRS, I arranged to go on a three-month mission experience to Kasese, Uganda. My trip was organized through Volunteer Mission Movement that does important work in Africa and is based in the UK and Dublin, Ireland. … am grateful that I can integrate my mission trip to Uganda with theological and spiritual reflection.  My reflections will incorporate theological studies I have had including, Sacred Scripture, Liturgy and the Sacraments, and Fundamental Theology. From a spiritual perspective, I hope through works of mercy, prayer and reflection to immerse myself into the needs of the people I meet in Uganda as a step towards trusting more deeply and completely in the will of God.

Al periodically writes a theological reflection about his experiences. His words recount his experiences and the transformation of his own heart as he encounters the poverty, the joy, and the faith in this “pearl of Africa”. Al’s reflections can be accessed at the links below.  We can all be inspired, encouraged, and enflamed to find our own “Uganda” in our life and in our hearts. Our prayers are with you, Al!

On A Mission to Uganda:

My First Week in Kasese,Uganda

Poverty and Joy: Reflections from Kasese, Uganda

Taste and See: Experiencing the Presence of God in Uganda

Blessed are you who are poor, for the Kingdom of God is yours

Discovering the Pearl of Great Price