Building and Security Guidelines

Because of the residential nature of the building within the Center for Pastoral Leadership, the following guidelines have been established in an effort to protect the rightfully expected privacy of the CPL residents and to allow for the greatest possible use of the seminary facilities by non-resident students.

In general, non-resident students should confine their activities and movements within the building to the public areas (e.g. classrooms, the administrative corridors, Chapel, the Student Dining Room, and the Library). All corridors where resident student rooms are located are restricted areas and are for resident students only.

Entering the Property and Parking

To enter the Center for Pastoral Leadership campus, please use the main entrance facing Euclid Avenue. Parking is available in lots A, B, C and, if necessary, D. Although areas A, B and C are set aside for outside students and guests, space availability is on a first-come basis. Access to the building by non-resident students is through the main entrance. Please refer to the building hours posted in the lobby.

Times on Campus

Non-resident students are welcome in the Center for Pastoral Leadership facility from 8:00 A.M. until 10:00 P.M. After 10:00 P.M. it is expected that non-resident students will have exited the building for the night.


Students are always to be conscious of the security needs of the facility. All doors should be closed securely when entering and leaving the building. Ground floor windows should be locked when rooms are vacated. Any criminal action or emergency situation must be reported immediately to available administrative staff or faculty personnel by contacting the receptionist at the front desk. All students and staff should make themselves aware of emergency assistance procedures and be able to quickly contact police, fire, or medical emergency help when the need arises. The local police and fire departments of the City of Wickliffe have immediate access to the campus. The facility is in compliance with fire and safety codes and the campus is inspected regularly for safety.

Non-Smoking Facility

The Center for Pastoral Leadership is a non-smoking facility. There is to be NO smoking within 50 feet of any CPL building. Smoking is not permitted in any courtyard. There are two designated smoking areas on the campus; at the exit door of the east and west garages.

Weapon Free Zone

The Center for Pastoral Leadership is a “Weapon Free Zone” and the carrying of any type of weapon is prohibited.


The use of alcohol is permissible only at administration-sanctioned times/events.