Welcome from the President-Rector

Rev. Mark A. Latcovich, Ph.D.
Dear Friends of Saint Mary Seminary,


Saint Mary Seminary and Graduate School of Theology opens its doors for the 165th time as we begin the 2013—2014 academic year.  The tradition and legacy of this institution inspires all of us who teach and study here.   On June 19th I celebrated liturgy with the family of the Very Reverend Anthony J. TePas on the 100th anniversary of his death.  Fr. TePas was ordained a priest in 1880 and assigned to Saint Mary Seminary where he taught philosophy, dogma, and music for over 26 years. In his later years he served as rector from 1909 until 1913.  It’s people like Fr TePas who have played a significant role in our seminary’s legacy.  However, the seminarians, religious, lay students and faculty are currently shaping that tradition as well.   A dedicated faculty opens the rich theological tradition of the Church to students preparing for ministry.  All who study here are called to master with excellence that theological tradition so that they will be able to communicate with and evangelize the culture.

As I begin this new academic year as President-Rector, I am proud to invite all of you to continue in the tradition and become a part of that legacy.  Pope Francis illustrated the best way for all of us to continue in the legacy we have received in his words spoken in 2007. “Apostolic courage is disseminating the Word.  Giving it to that man and woman for whom it was bestowed. Giving them the beauty of the gospel, the amazement of the encounter with Jesus and leaving it to the Holy Spirit to do the rest.”

May that same Spirit enlighten us to hear the Word through our studies and in our community.


Rev. Mark A. Latcovich, Ph.D.