A Culture of Vocations

BorSemA sure sign of a vibrant and healthy parish is a “culture of vocations.”  Such a culture encourages, fosters, promotes, affirms and celebrates young people as they discern their particular vocation to serve Jesus Christ and his Church.  This year we are especially grateful to the nine parishes that, by providing a culture of vocations, have given our diocesan seminaries at least two seminarians for the 2013-2014 school year.

(It’s worth noting that the following parishes provide almost half of all the men studying
for the priesthood in the Diocese of Cleveland.)

St. Mary (Hudson)  8
St. Charles Borromeo  5
St. Francis de Sales (Akron)   4
St. John Vianney 3
Sacred Heart Wadsworth  3
St. Mary of the Falls 3
St. Joseph (Strongsville) 2
St. Justin Martyr 2
St. Sebastian 2

Total: 32

–Information provided by Rev. Damian Ference, Professor of Philosophy and Borromeo Seminary Faculty Member